Pure fishing joy

Politicians visit Kvalvik Bait

1. September 2015

We were recently paid a visit by a delegation from Venstre – the Liberal Party of Norway, who wanted to catch up on our progress in development of an artificial bait. Their political “rallying cry” is Green Growth which is perfectly coincident with our vision and purpose for our R&D. They were very excited about our project that aims to increase profitability of the commercial fisheries in Norway, as well as making the entire industry more sustainable. We learned that Venstre’s political leader, Trine Skei Grande, was into salmon fishing, and she was happy to receive a sample of Kvalvik Bait Salmon and Trout for her to try during her next trip to the river. Later during the same day, we were paid a visit by the State Secretary of the Fisheries Ministry of Norway, Dilek Ayhan, who wanted to learn from our experience of being a research intensive start-up, and how she could possibly work to improve the environmental conditions of Norwegian start-up companies.