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Kvalvik Bait tested on national TV

15. March 2017

In the start of March 2017, state TV channel NRK aired an episode of Forbrukerinspektørene (the consumer inspectors) where Kvalvik Bait was one of the products tested. From a dock in Son along the Oslo-fjord the inspectors tested Kvalvik Bait while cod fishing for a total of 15 minutes, without catching cod. However, the inspectors had also brought the Kvalvik Bait to a local aquarium with a cod pool to take a closer look at the effect. Two play figurines were submerged into the pool – one with a layer of Kvalvik Bait Cod on it, and one without any scent. There were no activity recorded around the figurine with no scent. When the other one which had Kvalvik Bait on the surface was submerged, the cod responded immediately. All the cod in the pool was attracted to the figurine in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the inspector argued that if she had used a real lure, the cod would have taken it. When you see the effect, it is not hard to agree.

The same effect occurred during our initial research project on cod feeding behavior in cooperation with the Nofima institute. In this project, the same attractant that is in the Kvalvik Bait Cod was used, except it was diluted 1000 times more than what the Kvalvik Bait tubes actually contain. Even in 28000 liters of water, the cod had no problems with sensing, and responding to the scent. So even though anglers aren’t fishing in an aquarium, the Kvalvik Bait attractant is so potent in use that you will have a great attraction effect in the sea as well.

The section of the TV show where Kvalvik Bait was tested can be streamed here. (may not be available outside Norway).