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Amazing results from trials of new bait from Kvalvik

8. June 2017

Kitdal Hunting and Sport fishing Association (KJSF) recently made some comprehensive trials on catching Arctic Chars with a newly developed bait from Kvalvik, and the results were remarkably positive. The bait was tested in pots(traps) versus a control bait consisting of shrimp. The results showed no significant difference in catch rates between shrimp and the new Kvalvik bait. In other words – both were equally effective. Further, it was demonstrated that the new Kvalvik bait had a much longer lasting effect, and was still fishing actively after one week in the water. This gives implications of an enormous potential within lake cultivation work as well as within angling. Product developers at Kvalvikbait are now starting work to make the product available for angling associations as well as sports- and recreational anglers world wide.

Excerpt from KJSF’s assessment og the new bait: “The artificial bait was both smaller and easier to use compared to shrimp (image 6). Furthermore, the bait physically sustained well even after 1 week of fishing. Kvalvik Bait had a lot of remaining scent even after a week. There were clear bite marks in the bait indicating that the char had eaten from the bait, and apparently enjoying it. KJSF will in the future use this bait for catching arctic char as it does not require a lot of space, can be stored in room temperature, and is very convenient to use. Additionally, the bait is based on marine by-products which makes it a more sustainable bait than shrimp.”

You can read the report in its entirety here: KJSF report 1 2017 April 24