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Preliminary test-fishing concluded in Asia

4. February 2019

Kvalvik Drybait prøvefiske

During fall 2018, we conducted preliminary test-fishing for specific crab species in China and South Korea. The upcoming months will be used to analyze the results and make the required adjustments of the scent formula so that the Kvalvik Drybait™ will attract as many crabs as possible. These tests have been conducted together with local fishermen through our commercial stakeholders in China and South Korea.

Bait costs in Asia are not as high as we’re used to in Europe or North America, but the sustainability of the Asian crab fishery faces the same threats as in Norway. The most commonly used bait in China consist of sub-sized mackerel species, which could have been seafood in full grown size. The need for a sustainable bait is quite evident and we are now working on the solution.