Commercial fishing

Polybait AS’ main project is to develop a sustainable- and biologically degradable bait that can replace the use of seafood as bait within commercial longlining and pot fishing. The project is at the end stages of development, and the product may be launched as early as 2016. In the menu on the left, you can choose to read more about the development of the longlining- and pot fishing baits.

Upon completion of the development of these artificial baits, we aim to solve several problems within the commercial fisheries that currently uses traditional bait. Below are the main advantages of using our artificial bait compared to traditional bait.


  • More cost effective
  • Made from sustainable by-products of marine raw material
  • No longer need to import frozen bait
  • Lower weight – only 20% of traditional bait
  • Increased shelf life
  • No need for cooling or freezeing in storage or on board vessels
  • More selective fishing – tailored for specific species
  • Equally- or more effective than traditional bait

Prototype Lineagn

A prototype of our artificial longlining bait